• We make sure that your oldie stays fit,

    because trapoFit is the express workshop in Schweinfurt,

    which focuses on selected maintenance and

    wear work of older vans of all brands.

    Phone: 09721 730 230

    The Workshop for your van!

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  • Your schedule is tight.

    Therefore, there are no waiting times, but simple,

    reliable appointments and speedy vehicle repairs.

    Via the Internet or in person - perfectly scheduled.

    Phone: 09721 730 230

    Fast on the road again.

    Zeit! Mehr Straße, weniger Werkstatt.
  • Our mechanics not only put a lot of special knowledge into your van.

    Also the spare parts in OEM quality we use are longevity

    and designed for your demanding daily work routine.

    All this we offer you at attractive package prices.

    Phone: 09721 730 230

    Only the best for your van.

    Wert! Vom Nötigen nur das Beste.
  • We keep our word and get the value of your vehicles.

    Our prices are as fixed as the dates that we promise.

    This allows you to plan appointments and costs reliably.

    Phone: 09721 730 230

    Get what you deserve.

    Gerecht! Fixer Service,  fixe Preise.
Services for all Brands
  • Service  Package <br /> "Minor Service"

    Service Package
    "Minor Service"


    Oil change, remedying of any wear and tear, plus any other work which is regularly required.  At a fixed price of course.

  • Service  Package<br />"Major Service"

    Service Package
    "Major Service"


    Comprehensive check-up for your van, including replacement of operating fluids and wear parts – at a fixed price. 

  • Major Service with emissions test

    Major Service with emissions test


    All services of the major service plus an emissions test. An official inspector will be present for the appointment.

  • Oil Changes

    Oil Changes


    After just a few minutes, your vehicle will be back on its own wheels: high-speed oil and filter change.

  • Battery



    Consolidated energy with a new battery from a reputable brand – at a low fixed price.

  • Brake fluid

    Brake fluid


    Regular replacement of brake fluid for lasting safety – all at a low price.

  • Brake pads

    Brake pads


    Installation of fresh, high-grip branded brake pads – OEM quality at a fixed price.

  • Brake pads and discs

    Brake pads and discs


    Low fixed price for an impressive effect: new brake pads and brake discs 

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In addition to the conventional maintenance work we offer for your transporter:

Change coolant I Replace drive belt and air filter I Replace V-belt I Replace fuel filter I Replace water pump I Replace dust filter I Replace springs (front and rear) I Replace shock absorber (front and rear) I Replace wiper blades & wiper motor I Oil change axle differential I Gear oil change

Our Team

Our heart beats for older vans. No matter which brand: We like these robust guys and have already made many a millionaire out of them. The secret: a lot of experience, the best spare parts, a knack for difficult cases and an encouraging pat on the back after every service.

trapoFit Schweinfurt I Industriestraße 2897469 Gochsheim 


Monday till Friday: 08:00 – 17:00 o`clock, Saturday: 08:00 – 12:00 o`clock

09721 730 230

  • Andre Schulz
    Andre Schulz
  • Dominik Gnerlich
    Dominik Gnerlich
    Motorcar mechanic
  • Horst Baumann
    Horst Baumann
    Workshop Manager